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Services and Prices

We cover all grooming options from just a bath and dry to a full groom. From Small to large breeds.

We work on an appointment only basis. This keeps the salon as stress free as possible for the dogs. Please note we are generally booked up around 4 to 6 weeks in advance (this can be longer during peak times of year, Summer and Christmas).

We do offer just a nail trim, this can be arranged on the same day, just give us a call to arrange a convenient time.


We do not use crates to hold your dog - we have specially built individual stalls.

When you drop your pet off we will endeavour to give you an idea of how long he/she will be with us and the cost - please note that prices are dependant on the size and breed and your requirements. Payment is by cash only.

Once your dog is ready for collection we will give you a call.

Full Groom

A full groom includes:

  • Consultation to discuss your dog’s health, temperament and your requirements

  • Pre-groom

  • Double wash 

  • Hand dried (we do not use cage dryers)

  • Clipped, Scissored– as required

  • Hygiene areas clipped (if needed)

  • Pads trimmed 

  • Nails trimmed (if needed)

  • Ears cleaned and plucked (if needed)

  • Cologne if requested


Border Terriers - Hand Stripping is available at £20 per hour.

Prices start from £24.00

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01925 555115


Bath and Dry                 Prices Start from £10.00

A bath and dry includes:

  • Brush through

  • Double wash 

  • Hand dried

  • Cologne if requested


Bath and Trim               Prices Start from £16.00

A bath and Trim includes:

  • Brush through

  • Double wash

  • Hand Dried

  • Face, Bottom and feet Trim

  • Nail trimmed (if needed)

  • Cologne if requested



Puppy Service


20% discount on Full Groom for Pups 5 months or under.


Please note, if coat is very matted, full groom price will apply.


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01925 555115

It is important that your new puppy gets used to the salon environment from an early age. We are happy for you to bring your pup to the salon to introduce her/him to the smells, noises and atmosphere … this service is free of charge.

 On the day Services:
Nails Trimmed - £5.00
Ears Cleaned/Plucked - £5.00
Face Trim - From £5.00





01925 555115


Cat Grooming
Long Haired Cats:
Basic Groom Includes- Removal of matts, with brushing and combing out, nail trim if requested - From £20
For Very matted coats that require clipping - From £30


Please note that all dogs that come to the salon must be free from fleas. 


In the interest of other dogs, should there be evidence of fleas, owners will be contacted and asked to collect their dog as soon as possible.

Heavily Matted Dogs

Heavily matted dogs will incur an additional charge of £15.00.


We will always contact you to discuss the best option for your dog and this may result in us having to arrange another appointment.


We advise that you keep your dog's coat free from matts between visits to the salon.

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